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I realise that, if you are considering having your first ever tarot reading with me you may feel uncertain and/or nervous about whether we are right for each other. That's why I suggest we arrange to have an informal chat before you make a purchase. During which, as we get to know each other, I will be able to provide you with more information, explain how I work with Spirit, and together we will consider and decide the card spread(s) to be used during your reading. Spirit, my beautiful tarot cards and I guarantee to dedicate and commit to work with your unique, wonderful energy, to grant you the accurate answers, insight, guidance and empowerment you hope for.  Being armed and equipped with this knowledge will enable you to successfully navigate and move forward with renewed confidence on the very, very special journey that is your Life. 


After our no obligation chat, should you decide not to have a reading with me, then there's no harm done and you still have your £ to purchase a reading with the psychic you do choose. Psychics are like a box of chocolates (says she as a chocoholic), not all will be to your taste.  Carry on searching for the psychic (chocolate) who resonates with you. I wish you many blessings for the future.

​​Cathi x


If you're happy to proceed without a chat, please complete the booking form below. Please note that, for email readings, I need your full name, including middle names.

To arrange our informal chat please email me at Thank you.


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