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VIRGO TAROT FORECAST (Aug 22 - Sept 23) - The Tower

As a Major Arcana card, The Tower wields more power than a card of the Minor Arcana so you will certainly feel the impact of its energy in your sign in the coming weeks Virgo. You may find yourself suddenly battling to stay afloat in the stormy waters of unexpected conflict, in your working an/or personal life. There may be an unwanted and unwelcome disruption to your plans, forcing you to rethink, regroup and reorganise at a moments notice. All this adding to the stress you are already experiencing as the ordered and tidy life, (you are a Virgo after all) you crave and thrive in has already been thrown into chaos by Covid-19. Eek!

However, before you run for cover, stop and think for a moment. Occasionally, in life, the unexpected happens and we are forced by unforeseen circumstances to re-evaluate not only who we are, but who and what are most important to us. An opportunity to demolish the job/career that no longer fulfils, the relationship that causes more heartbreak than joy, the friend(s) you are always there for but who are never there for you. I’m sure some of you will have longer lists than others! See the positive energy and message of this card for what it is, opportunity, freedom and empowerment! Armed with these super-powers and your newly thought out vision of the life you envisage for the future, use them as tools to lay firm foundations when rebuilding to your plans and specifications. This is a gift, use it as such!