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March Tarotscope 2021

ARIES: (Mar 21 - Apr 20) “Wheel of Fortune”

Your fortunes may rise or fall depending on the will of the Wheel this month Aries. Expect gains and or/losses throughout these few weeks. However, keep in mind that you are instrumental in the revolving “door” therefore hold the power to welcome in or usher out who or what you wish. This is a positive card for you so use its power wisely.

TAURUS: (Apr 21 - May 21) “Five of Pentacles”

Offers of help may come from an unexpected source in March lovely Taurus and, although we know you take pride in standing your ground and on your own two feet, occasionally it makes sense just to swallow your pride and say “yes, thank you!” Spending time tending to your garden or pursuing earthly pursuits will kickstart the restoration of your “mojo!”

GEMINI: (May 22 - June 21) “Four of Wands”

Feeling more stability in your home and work surroundings Gemini will be welcomed if you have been feeling somewhat buffeted by the storm of uncertainty in recent weeks or months. Things will feel more or less back to normal and being able to take charge of what goes on in both surroundings works in improving your mental health. Serenity and happiness abound.

CANCER: (June 22 - July 22) “The Chariot”

Use march to schedule and set your course for any plans postponed by the events of the past months Cancer. The way ahead is gradually opening exposing the route you have had in mind. Dust off those plans, refuel, set your Satnav and off you go! However, do not forget any tools you will need along the way to do the best job you can, or you may regret it further along the road. Good luck!

LEO: (July 23 - Aug 21) “Six of Swords”

Taking the battle to your adversary Leo will thwart any plans they had to catch you off guard! Your unexpected manoeuvre using “defence is the best form of offence” will catch them unawares and ultimately prove victorious for you. The ending of a troublesome situation will allow you to think and act with much more belief in yourself and positivity in your actions than you think. Go for it!

VIRGO: (Aug 22 - Sep 23) “Five of Swords”

This month will find you celebrating a personal victory Virgo! Using your canny mind to overcome and defeat an enemy, either real or imagined, will put paid to regret over a past situation. It may have been a long and hard battle, but the war has been won and won well. Celebrate in the self-satisfaction that comes from knowing you are in the right. This will hold you in good stead in future skirmishes.

LIBRA: (Sep 24 - Oct 23) “The Hermit”

There is no shame in putting yourself first Libra so if you are feeling overwhelmed and overburdened by life, step away. Tell those who have contributed to how you feel that you need some time out to relax and restore your “batteries.” If they love you, which I am sure they do, they will understand. Indeed, they may be amazed that you have managed to keep going for as long as you have! Catch up on lack of sleep also.

SCORPIO: (Oct 24 – Nov 22) “Ace of Swords”

The behaviour of another may open your eyes to their true nature and motive for their actions. This revelation may not be a total surprise but something that you have refused to see and acknowledge due to a long-standing friendship or family connection. Seek out the truth and act accordingly. Remember the saying, “The truth will set you free?” This certainly rings true espeically for you on this occasion.

SAGITTARIUS: (Nov 23 - Dec 22) “Eight of Cups”

Problems in a relationship may have caused you heartache and feeling unloved and alone lovely Sagittarius. Perhaps words spoken in haste contributed to the fracture in the fabric of what you believed to be a rock solid mutually loving relationship. Time to decide not only if this can be repaired and restored but whether you wish it to be. This may be an opportunity to count your losses and walk away.

CAPRICORN: (Dec 23 - Jan 20) “The Hierophant”

Seek out any form of resource to aid you in your research project this month Capricorn. You may be hoping for a new job or relationship, a change of career, moving to a new house etc. Whatever, you have in mind it makes sense to access and gather any relevant information that will help you plan for the best outcome in order to make a sensible decision. After all, this may prove to be life-changing so only common sense.