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Halloween Tarot Forecast - October 2022

ARIES: (Mar 21 - Apr 20) “The Lovers”

The message from your dear departed in this Halloween month Aries asks that you make the choices you may have been successful in avoiding for a while in your present relationship. Continue to dither and the freedom to choose may be taken from you, resulting in the loss of a new opportunity.

TAURUS: (Apr 21 -May 21) “Three of Pentacles”

Time to leave the security of home Taurus and set off on your own journey of discovery. Know that you have the blessing of those in Spirit who have watched over you thus far, and will continue to you guide as you travel albeit without making their presence known…or will they?

GEMINI: (May 22 - June 21) Nine of Pentacles”

Dear Gemini, know that a confident, successful lady in Spirit watches over you with pride in your achievements. However, she wishes to share with you her regret in focusing more on her career or business than on those she loved and who loved her in return. She warns that you may be in danger of repeating her mistakes and asks that you heed her warning!

CANCER: (June 22 - July 22) “Queen of Pentacles”

A mother figure in Spirit asks that you remember her this month so October