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“Givers need to set limits because Takers rarely do.” (Irma Kurtz)

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

We all know the “takers” in our lives don’t we? The people who always want somebody else to do what they may be too lazy to do themselves. Always short of money although not when it comes to the luxuries in life. Expecting others to drop whatever they’re doing and rush to their aid. I could go on but I think you’ve all got the picture and already have images of people like this familiar to you popping into your head? I know I have. I speak from experience when I say it’s not easy to break the pattern of always saying, “Yes, of course” but, trust me, it can be broken. Ask yourself if they would do the same for you? No? Then up to you to establish boundaries. The next time the “taker” asks you for something, take a deep breath, and say “no” and mean it. They won’t like it but at least it will let them know that the “worm has turned” and is not always ready, willing and able. After the first refusal, you’ll find it gets easier to say no and, hopefully, they will get the hint and find another mug ‘er “Giver” and leave you alone = result!