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“Don’t belittle yourself. BeBIG yourself.” (Corita Kent)

Occasionally, we are our own worst enemy. You know what I mean. Somebody will ask us to do something and we decline, saying we’re not up to it, don’t have the confidence, or the skills, etc. etc. The downside is that, if we do this long enough, they begin to believe us and never ask again, and we instil this lack of confidence and self-esteem in ourselves, excuse by excuse until we come to believe it too! Eek! Wouldn't it make much more sense to give yourself a good talking to, e.g. "Okay, maybe I haven’t done this before and yes it would take me outside my comfort zone but what have I got to lose? If you persist in doubting your abilities opportunities will cease to knock at your door when you may have so much to gain by just taking a deep breath, and saying "What do I have to do?" You may be surprised at how much you enjoy the experience and inspire other "self-belittlers" out there to take the leap of faith you did! Look out world!!