Readings by 'Phone, Skype, Messenger & WhatsApp

We can connect easily wherever you are in the world, using any one of the above methods of communication to facilitate your personal consultation with me without leaving the comfort of your own home. By completing the contact form on my Contact page, we can arrange the most convenient date and time for us to get together. 

You may ask as many questions that our time together permits but, please bear in mind that the length of the spiritual response being relayed through the medium of the tarot cards will vary. Therefore, take some time prior to your consultation to decide your first question, i.e., what do you need answers and guidance on most, followed by your  second question, and so on. Write them down in order of importance and we will work through them during our time together. Writing them down also helps focus your mind which, in turn, allows your energy to contribute to the overall energy between you, Spirit, me and the tarot. This is a personal opportunity for you to enjoy a 1-2-1 with Spirit so determine to make the most of it. The purpose of your consultation is to provide you with the answers, guidance, insight and empowerment enabling you to successfully navigate your onward journey through life. 

Readings by Email

As an alternative to a personal 1-2-1 reading, many of my clients choose to have their tarot reading relayed to them by email.  They tell me that possessing their own unique written response to their question(s) by Spirit makes it feel just that bit more personal. Just knowing they can refer to the written word again and again for insight and verification comforts and reassures them. Many of them delight in being able to create, over time, a personal journal by printing and filing a hard copy of each reading as it is relayed.  These become a testament of their journey along the path Destiny, Fate, Karma, the Universe, may have inscribed for them at the time of their birth.

Professionally typed as it is being channelled, the answers, insight, guidance and empowerment you have requested, are forever consigned to document form. Your personal tarot keepsake includes a colour image of every single card laid on your behalf and is beautifully and lovingly presented. Unlike a verbal consultation, an email tarot reading has the potential to become a treasured written record of your "conversation" with Spirit, enabling you to access it time and time again. 

Personally, this is one of my favourite methods of reading as there are no time constraints only a natural conclusion when Spirit has no more to impart.


You can choose to download your email tarot reading at home or request a print copy for which there will be a small extra cost for p & p. To order, please complete the form below. You may expect your completed email tarot reading in your inbox within 48 hours, or slightly later for postal requests. Once your order and payment have been received,  your email reading will be completed and sent to your inbox within 48 hours.

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