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 Distance is no problem as Cathi can connect with you for your personal and unique reading wherever you are in the world without you having to leave the comfort of your own home!

Your in-depth, channelled spiritual reading will not only provide you with the answers, insight and guidance you seek, but also the opportunity to gain personal empowerment allowing YOU to be the mistress/master of your own destiny.  Create the future YOU deserve  by seizing this opportunity to personally connect with Cathi.



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Readings by Email 

Prefer the option of being able to print and retain your tarot reading and rediscover what was channelled for you whenever you choose?*  If so, then an email reading is for you.

Cathi creates a bespoke tarot spread to elicit the most precise response to your question(s). Professionally typed and presented in a Word document, there is no word count or time limit on your reading. Cathi transcribes ALL that Spirit has to reveal in response to your question or questions. This provides you with the answers, clear, insightful guidance and empowerment enabling you to take control in successfully moving forward on your journey through life.

Choose a 3 card reading on;

  • Relationship

  • Looking for Love

  • Job/Career

  • Yes/No/Why?

Please ensure you insert your choice from the above menu in the Comments/Question(s) section in the contact form. Thank you! 


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Tarot Forecast Readings by Email

Maybe you'd like a "head's up" on what may lie ahead for you in the months to come in relation to the best time to apply for a job, move home, end or begin a relationship, ask for a promotion....? A Tarot Forecast reading can help you make the decisions you may be faced with in any areas of life to successfully navigate your way through to achieving the best possible outcome for you in moving forward. Beautifully presented, including colour images of each card used in your personal forecast and available for you to re-read at any time.


3 Month
Tarot Forecast



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Tarot Forecast



12 Month
Tarot Forecast