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Meet Cathi


Cathi is a second generation psychic who has been aware of Spirit from a very early age as her Grandmother was a Medium and Tasseographer (Tea Leaf Reader). Working professionally as a Tarot Reader for almost 20 years, she has gained a reputation both at home and internationally for the accuracy of her readings.


Psychic, and highly intuitive she connects to Spirit and, working with her tarot cards, channels the answers, insight and guidance which allows you the  personal empowerment in creating the future YOU desire!

Her down-to-earth and friendly personality, together with a keen sense of humour, works to create an atmosphere of mutual trust and receptiveness  between Cathi and those she reads for. Many of her clients seek her out repeatedly when faced with important and and/or challenging life issues.  Again, a testament to her insight and accuracy.

She is the author of the daily inspirational quotes on Kajama,, and a feature writer for the "The Esotoracle", her role as agony aunt. Her professional reading experiences include Sky Spiritual Channel, "Fate & Fortune," and  numerous UK and USA based psychic websites.

Cathi relays Spirit's response to your question or questions as it is channelled so  expect straightforward, non-judgemental and accurate messages answers and guidance. You may not hear what you want to but you will hear exactly what you need to! She believes that having a tarot reading should be a positive and empowering experience for those she reads for and works to ensure this during your time together.

She responds promptly to all reading requests and looks forward to working  with you in arranging the most convenient date and time to connect..


Email her at for more information.


Membership No.  FM0022012/1410 

10% discount on all readings for TABI members!

Email me at prior to purchase

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