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Welcome to my website! As a professional tarot reader I believe tarot to be a spiritual "key" unlocking the door to communication between Spirit and our mortal world. I work with my beautiful cards to reveal and give voice to the answers, enlightenment, guidance and empowerment necessary at certain, often troubling or uncertain, times on our journey through life. However, please keep in mind that, although tarot will advise, suggest and guide, we are all blessed with free will therefore nothing is "set in stone."   


I am a second generation Psychic Medium. Aware of the presence of Spirit from very early childhood  as I both witnessed and experienced many encounters with "the other side!"   I believe I have been guided to work for Spirit using my beautiful Tarot cards as a means of channelling and imparting messages to those who seek the wisdom meant for their ears alone. I am reaching out to let you know that what you seek is only a click away....

Over the years I have featured in the UK magazine "Take a Break/Fate & Fortune", written a monthly column, and given tarot readings on a spiritual radio channel. I am proud to be an "Agony Aunt" for "The Esotoracle" publication, https://esotoracle.com/ created and published by Kim Arnold and Steven Bright. I have also worked as a psychic for the satellite tv channel "Psychic Today," and many other high-profile online tarot reading services both in the UK and USA.


I am the author of the daily inspirational quote content on the wonderful Kajama website in the USA, check me out here, https://kajama.com/daily-inspirational-quote

As a Pisces, I feel very blessed to live only a  few minutes walk away from the sea on the South East Coast of Kent. I truly believe this closeness nourishes and replenishes my Spirit and soul every single day. 

















































I am delighted to offer a 20% discount ** on ALL Tarot readings! for the foreseeable future!

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