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As a professional tarot reader for many years, and a 2nd generation Psychic, I believe tarot gifts me the ability to reveal and interpret messages from the spiritual plane. You and I will work together to achieve the answers, wisdom and insight to empower you in whatever it is you are searching for, or dealing with, in life. Choose to have a unique and personal tarot reading with me and your journey to enlightenment begins...



Over the years I have featured in the UK magazine "Take a Break/Fate & Fortune", written a monthly column, and given tarot readings on a spiritual radio channel. I am proud to be an "Agony Aunt" for "The Esotoracle" publication, https://esotoracle.com/ created and published by Kim Arnold and Steven Bright. I have also worked as a psychic for the satellite tv channel "Psychic Today," and many other high-profile online tarot reading services both in the UK and USA.


I am the author of the daily Inspirational Quotes on the wonderful Kajama website in the USA, https://kajama.com/daily-inspirational-quote

















































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